Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Try This Again.

Hmm. My last attempt at keeping up with a blog was not so successful. I'm really disappointed in myself! But in my defense, I didn't have internet at home at the time, so that really limits the amount of posting you can do, especially when the mobile Blogger is less than cooperative...

Ehh, no excuses. I just didn't make it a priority.

SO-- Let's try this again!!

Life as we know it has had some changes, and they deserve to be documented. And probably poked fun at!

Since December of 2011 (the date of my last entry) I have changed jobs at Walmart, Jaret has taken on a lot more responsibility with his company, we've FINALLY rid ourselves of the rental house from Hell, purchased a house in Rogers and are in the last stages of the remodel process, have temporarily moved in with my parents during said remodel process, and last but not least: grown our family headcount by one more J-baby!! I don't know about you, but I think that's a LOT in a 14-month time frame! It's been stressful, exciting, confusing, exasperating, and at times we've thought "We. Are. Crazy." -- and I'm sure others have thought the same about us (that we're crazy!) -- but its ok. We're keeping the spice in life. That's what its all about, right?

In early summer of 2012, we began the house hunt. We decided early on that we'd like to purchase something in a good location with good potential that needed some TLC, and make it our own. I also began the job hunt, internally, at Walmart... Looking for something new, exciting, fulfilling, and most importantly: doing what I love, which is helping people. In June. I left my comfort zone of the Electronics Merchandising/Replenishment department and joined the Transportation HR/Recruiting team. My team of 5 people recruit, interview, and hire the drivers for the Walmart Transportation Private Fleet. Its right up my alley! I LOVE the recruiting field, and aspire to be a recruiter for Walmart in the future. Right after this transition, we found a house, made an offer and took off on a roller coaster process (called such due to the fact that it had a LOT of up's, down's, drops and deadly curves, and I spent most of the time feeling like I was going to vomit) that lasted 3 1/2 months of agony and frustration, until we FINALLY signed the papers in October, two days after our 3rd wedding anniversary! We moved in with my parents at the beginning of August, thinking that we'd be closing on the house in just a few short weeks... which turned into months... and then with snags here and there with the renovation process, we are still here. Yes, 7 months later. Yes, we're managing -- ALL 8 of us, in one house -- and yes, its safe to say that EVERYBODY is looking forward to the day we move out. :) During all of these changes, I had a little secret. A little secret that kept growing bigger and bigger, until we could no longer keep it concealed as a secret: another baby Bond was on the way. Baby Jackson joined the gang in mid-January, and we are thrilled with our new addition! He's so sweet and snuggly, and his big sisters are beyond smitten with him. As much as I would have loved to have spent my maternity leave in our new house, with my "first born" furry child, getting things arranged and decorated and enjoying our own space, my parents have been great about adapting quickly to this new little person in our lives and making room for him in their home. I can gladly say that the house is coming along GREAT and we'll be in very soon; all we're waiting on now is carpet install and kitchen countertops. Then let the moving madness begin!

Also in the midst of all of these changes, Jordyn Leigh turned TWO, our family gained another new niece in Dallas, my sweet Lena Marie (my best friend's daughter) had her first birthday, and Miss Jailyn is just four weeks shy of turning FOUR. I seriously don't understand how time flies by so quickly. It's just not fair!

The J-babies are quite the bunch. I have many names for them: my munchkins, my mini-me's, my minions, and my favorite: my three-ring circus.

Jailyn Renee' is quite the little mother hen over her baby brother. She runs to him when he cries, adjusts his blankets, gives him a pacifier, strokes his hair... I'm fairly certain she'll be my main "competition" in terms of his affection and attention in years to come. I'm ok with that. :) When she's NOT playing "Mom" she's marching around here like a 3-going-on-18-year-old, often with her hands on her hips, my sunglasses on her head, two pockets full of attitude and a quick comeback just WAITING to pop out. She's a fiery ball full of sass. Part of me hopes we outgrow this phase very quickly, and yet another part of me hopes she always stays sassy and just defiant enough to not let others influence her into conforming to "one of the crowd", but that she stays her own person, full of spunk.

Jordyn Leigh is a running, laughing, eating, shrieking, dancing, skipping, singing, jumping, tumbling, silly little fireball. This child is incapable of walking: it doesn't get her anywhere fast enough. She has her father's "wonderful" gift of selective hearing, and can tune out anything she puts her mind to, except the "Dinner's ready!" call. She would eat constantly if we let her, but she runs/jumps/dances every calorie off. She has a head full of curly hair, a body full of energy and a mouth full to tell you, at all times! Always telling stories, singing songs, or sometimes just rambling on in words/sounds that only make sense to her. She's only quiet when she's sleeping. She keeps us on our toes... I wouldn't have her any other way! :)

Jackson Keith is our newest little love. He's the spitting image of Jordyn as a baby. He is super smiley, super cuddly, and super sweet. I'm so in love with this new (little) man in my life!

That's about enough of an update on the life of the Bonds for now... or at least, that's as much of an update as my kids will allow me to type right now. They're climbing all over me, the laptop, and each other as we speak.

Until next time!

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