Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Off to Work I Go

Ok, so I WILLLLL get better at keeping up with this blog, I swear to it. I SWEAR, I TELL YOU.

I actually titled this post two months ago, and began regaling you all with the tales of my first week back to work post-maternity-leave... I got about 150 words in and I'm sure a toddler ran into a wall or an infant spit up on me or something of equal distraction value, and I saved the post but never finished it. Life with three kids is a bit of a circus, and the majority of the time, it keeps me from ... well, almost everything that doesn't directly involve them. Blogging does not involve them, no matter how much they want to help!

So I've been back to work for almost two months, and Mr. Jackson is three and a half months old already! Time is going by so fast, I'd almost swear its in overdrive.

Jackson Keith, 3 months old!!

Isn't "time" a funny thing? I think back on how many times in my life I've wished for it to hurry up, like when I was waiting to turn 16, waiting to graduate, waiting to hear about a job I wanted or waiting to go on vacation. Then motherhood happened, and I feel as though I'm daily planting my heels and straining with all my might trying to stop time from going by so quickly. I rock Jackson at night and remember doing the same thing for Jailyn FOUR YEARS AGO. Seriously? Four years? It feels like four minutes ago.

I digress. So I'm back to work, and enjoying my job immensely. I have to enjoy what I do, or else it is not worth being away from my munchkins all day, five days a week. I'm doing whatever I can to take extra classes and workshops to get a few certifications under my belt, with hopes of moving up a bit more in the Human Relations field. I've decided that I'm in HR for the long haul... People are my passion and I'm happiest when helping them. So now the big question is: Recruiting? HR Manager? Talent Development? Where shall I go? Stay tuned. :)

Another big change since my last post: WE ARE IN THE NEW HOUSE!!! Finally!! I'm not sure who's more excited: us or my parents! We have our own space, and they have the sanctity of a quiet house again! It's probably a toss-up as to who is more thrilled. We are unpacked (for the most part) and settled in, but I haven't done any decorating yet. Pics to come once it looks and feels like "home" instead of just a house. You won't believe the before-and-after's!

Here's a sneak peek of my FAVORITE room of the house... my beautiful kitchen!

Custom designed cabinets, painted by the hubby, who also painstakingly hand-laid the gorgeous tile... He made my dream kitchen come true!
Also since my last post: Jaibug turned 4 in March, and has started going to a babysitter during the day instead of to the great-grandparents house with her little brother and sister. My awesome friend Lyndsey keeps Jailyn, and another girl close to Jailyn's age, along with her own son while her older two kiddos are in school during the day. The older two get home from school about an hour and a half before I get off work so Jailyn gets to interact with them, and she is loving it! Jaret and I feel its so important for her to have interaction with other kids before entering kindergarten, and this has been a wonderful opportunity for that! Jailyn LOVES Miss Lyndsey! (And I think the feelings are mutual!)

My big girl on our birthday lunch date to On The Border (her choice!... that's my girl!)
Jordyn and Jack are best little buddies. Our new routine when we get home at the end of the day involves going outside to play for a bit before dinner (if the weather's nice) or going into the "toy room" to play (if its too cold) but FIRST, Jordyn always goes to the same corner of the couch, holds out her arms and says "I want to hold Baby Jackson, please!" So they get a little cuddle time every evening, and sometimes again before bed. Its so fun to watch their relationship grow. Jackson just lights up when his sisters are around.

Best Buds!
Our favorite photographer (and my best friend!!) took some awesome pics of the kids during her Easter Mini-Sessions and I just have to share them because they are too. flippin. cute. (Of course they are, they're MY kids! ha!)
My three ring circus. I just adore them!

This picture gives me chest pains...
Where did my little baby go, and who is this BIG GIRL living in my house?!

"Hey, this chick digs me."
(Get it?! Haha... I crack myself up!)

I feared for the life of this baby chick in Jordyn's hands. Thankfully, everyone walked away unharmed.
That's about it for right now. We're busy bees around the Bonds household, but I'll try to keep updating more frequently!

Until next time!

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