Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I've shared this multiple times before, both here and on Facebook, but I'll say it again. I often feel that as a mother, my biggest enemy is time. Time just gets away from me far too quickly. Not just hour by hour, but days, weeks, months, years... It's just flying by. And I haven't figured out how to make it stop. I never will, either.

What I HAVE figured out is that instead of wracking my brain for ways to slow things down, it's better to just capture the moment. Then I can look back at those captures and relive the memories. It doesn't slow the minutes but it does allow me to treasure the minutes longer than just during that fleeting moment.

Fortunately, I have an amazing family photographer to help me capture these moments in time.

KReative Photography by Kayla Rushing (479-633-4839)

Why is she amazing? Well, I couldn't give you a complete list because I'm sure blogs have some type of entry size limit. :) But here's the top reasons:

1. She knows her stuff. She knows her equipment, she knows her lighting, she knows her surroundings. She knows her capabilities and does her absolute best. Every time. Example:

She managed to get this shot, in perfect lighting AND with a smiling toddler, before the rabbit jumped out of the basket and tried to make a run for it.

She captured this before Jordyn squeeze this chick to death.
No baby chicks were harmed during this photo session. (Thankfully!)
 2. She knows my kids. They are comfortable with her. She knows what sets them off, what to say to get that perfect facial expression, what pushed their buttons, and how to help them relax. She also knows when we've hit our limit and when to say "That's enough!" for the day. Example:

Love this perfect picture of Jordyn taken last spring. Gorgeous!

I have always treasured this awesome picture of Jailyn at 17 months old.
One of my all-time favorites!

3. She knows my husband and how ridiculous he can be about getting his picture taken, and she likes him anyway. :) She doesn't make him do awkward poses that make him uncomfortable (which he always tells me he appreciates!) and somehow she manages to make him look even more handsome in pictures than he already is, all the time. Example:

So handsome!

I like him. :)

4. She's fair and flexible with her availability and scheduling. Also with rain checks due to weather issues!

5. She's AFFORDABLE. Key word there for all the mom's out there!

6. She listens to my crazy ideas for photo ops and props (mainly that I've found on Pinterest) and is willing to try them out. Some are hits, some are misses... but she always says "Let's try it!"

Prop was a hit!

This pose was a miss (at least in Jordyn's opinion)
But hey, we tried! :)
7. She doesn't always make us "pose"... Sometimes she tells Jaret "Just go play with the kids!" and then starts snapping. Example:

I just adore these!
 8. She captures our crazy life just the way it is: Crazy. Messy. Disorganized. Loud. Laughing. :) Example:

Just a-swingin'

MMMM... cake!

Duck lips!

"Aunt K! A BALL!!"

9. She doesn't promise to work miracles. But it often seems like she does anyway. Example:

NO ONE feels beautiful while this pregnant.
But she made me feel that way after looking at these pictures!
(Maternity shoot, fall of 2010)
I gained more weight while pregnant with Jackson than I did with either of the girls.
But I don't feel like I look like a whale in this picture!
(Maternity shoot, winter of 2012)
10. Plus the best reason of all... She's my favorite. :)

Photo courtesy of another awesome photographer!
Stacy Gough of Phorever Studio (479)366-0537

So why the free advertising today? Because she deserves it. Because I was reminded this week that some photographers aren't half of these things, aren't 1/10 as talented as she is, and are incredibly overpriced, and sometimes a little arrogant. Because she's passionate about photography and it shows in her work. And... because she's still my favorite.

And because she's done it again.

Here's a few pics from our spring family session two weeks ago. Our first photo shoot as a family of 5!

Enjoy. :)

Until next time! :)

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